AR15/M4 Rifle Holster

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For the first time ever JX Tactical has produced a Molle compatible holster for AR/M-4 style rifles. Made in America by the great people of Michigan. This rifle holster works with the AR-15 or any other U.S Mil-spec lower receiver and easily secures the rifle in place. The holster rotates to move with the user allowing for ease of movement and locks in using active retention with quick button release. It allows for all weapon controls to be manipulated while holstered, minus the trigger.


The materials are strong and durable consisting of glass/poly nylon. The design phase went through rigorous testing and was only finalized after approval from military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters. If you want to us a sling it’s not a problem. The holster is compatible with single or double point slings. Works with the AR-15 or any other U.S Mil-spec lower receiver. It’s available in black and flat dark earth colors. Right handed rifle holsters available now, left handed ones and harness version coming soon.

Officer and Veteran Approved

  • Molle compatible holster for the AR-15/M-4 platform rifle
  • Works with any U.S Mil-spec lower receiver and secures the rifle in place
  • Adjustable and rotates to move with the user
  • All weapon controls, except trigger can be manipulated while holstered
  • Made from glass/poly nylon for superior strength
  • Designed with input from military, law enforcement, SWAT, K9 & competitive shooters
  • Designed for hands free weapons carry while at the ready
  • Compatible with single or double point weapon slings
  • Multiple colors available
  • Made in Michigan, USA