IWB 2.0 (Inside-the-Waistband)

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The NEW JX Tactical Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) 2.0 holster has been revamped and optimized to provide a safe and secure carry option for your concealed handgun.  Each holster has adjustable ride height, cant, and retention, so that you can dial in your holster the way you want it.  The IWB 2.0 has attachment options for the Monoblock, Soft Loops, Ulticlip, and Ultituck. Choose one or more that match your carry needs.

Looking for additional concealment? Our IWB 2.0 has an optional RCS wedge to tuck the top of your gun closer to your body, and an optional concealment wing to tuck the grip of your gun closer to your body.  Pair the wing and the wedge to create ultimate concealment.  

The IWB 2.0 is compatible with factory cut, slide-mounted RDR (RMR, Delta Point, Romeo, etc.).  *Please note that aftermarket optic cut/placement may not be compatible, contact us if you have any question on optic compatibility.

Option Descriptions

MONOBLOCK:  A metal clip that goes over the belt.  This option works with 1.5” belts for a very secure attachment. Non-tuckable.

SOFT LOOPS:  The soft loops are a pair of flexible loops that wrap around the belt and snap closed.  They are very secure and comfortable.  Non-tuckable.

ULTICLIP:  The Ulticlip is designed primarily for non-belted clothing such as shorts, sweatpants, athletic wear, yoga pants and skirts (women wear holsters too!).  But can also be worn with a belt and either clamp onto the belt or be worn behind it for the most concealable option.  The Ulticlip is a very strong and secure attachment. Non-tuckable.  

ULTITUCK: Similar to the Ulticlip but provides a tuckable option.

RCS WEDGE:  The RCS Wedge is a comfortable padding that mounts to the body side of the holster and tips the top of the holster inward to make it more concealable.

CONCEALMENT WING (claw):  A wing mounted to the body of the holster that works with the belt to tuck the grip of the pistol inward, aiding in concealment.

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    IWB 2.0 - PDP 4.5" FS

    Posted by Warox on Feb 17th 2024

    My experience is limited, as this is only my second holster. With that said, I'm very pleased with this holster. I went from a slim compact carry to a full size, and with this holster, the full size is more comfortable to carry than my compact was. I added the wedge and claw to get to the free shipping threshold. With these accessories, this holster holds my pistol tight against my torso and I have similar concealability to my compact in its holster with just a claw. I highly recommend this holster.

  • 4
    Sig p365 xmacro

    Posted by John on Jan 5th 2024

    I bought the 2.0 iwb for my sig p365 xmacro it's nice my only draw back is I now can't use it with my threaded barrel and come I wish it had a open bottom so I could still us it

  • 5

    Posted by Chase S. on Dec 14th 2023

    After trying many holsters from bravo concealment, crossbreed, alien gear, this JX tactical IWB holster with the wedge and claw is the most comfortable holster EVER! Conceals great, adjustable retention on the screws that hold the claw, the monoblock is sturdy yet flexible, and it came in my favorite OD Green color! Highly recommend!

  • 4
    IWB 2.0

    Posted by kerry gross on Dec 13th 2023

    received my holster and very pleased with it. retention very easy to adjust and fits pistol very well. hard to find a holster for FN reflex but this one works very well and is all day comfortable for appendix carry.

  • 5
    IWB 2.0 Holster

    Posted by Michael McDavitt on Dec 11th 2023

    First, I'd like to say after searching high & low for a G26 appendix holster with a mono block clip, mod wing, and TLR 6 light bearing holster was a hard find. Holster fit & finish was awsome couldn't ask for more. Thank you having this exact setup. Sense most companies don't offer this set up for the G26. I would upload pictures, but it's not a option.

  • 3
    IWB 2.0

    Posted by Alan Rhodes on Dec 9th 2023

    Now that I’ve had a few weeks of carry time with the IWB 2.0 I have some constructive feedback on it. First off, I’m using the holster for carrying a G19 with an optic in the appendix position. During about 80% of normal everyday wear, the holster works great, especially when sitting or driving. However, when you have to repeatedly bend at waist, (work) the sweat guard of the holster starts digging in to your guts. I’m thin and don’t have much padding in that area so it quickly became annoying. Enough so, that I decided not to wear the holster. I went back to wearing my skinny guy holster, with Ruger Max9. This setup, although not as stable as the 2.0, is totally comfortable in all manner of carrying positions. If I’m going on a walk and know that I won’t need to bend over much, I’ll use the 2.0. But if there’s going to be mixed activities that involved bending the waist, I’m going with the skinny guy holster.

  • 5
    “2nd” to None

    Posted by Angel Pagan on Nov 26th 2023

    Love this holster. Holds my P365xl with TLR 7 sub securely in place. Comfortably concealed.

  • 4
    IWB 2.0

    Posted by Al Rhodes on Nov 20th 2023

    I like it. It’s comfortable. The metal retaining hooks work well. The Skinny Guy holster should have the metal hooks as an option. It’s got pretty good retention. It works with a red dot sight. I think that it will accommodate suppressor sights, but I’m not positive.

  • 5
    IWB Holster 2.0

    Posted by John on Sep 18th 2023

    I purchased the Storm Grey 2.0 version for my CZ P10C. The holster fits like a glove, the color is on point and the build quality is excellent. There’s no added material on these, only what’s needed. Exactly what I need for an IWB holster. Customer service is always top notch.